Luke Luk

Luke 出生於1996年,畢業於香港教育大學,獲得創意藝術與文化(榮譽)文學士學位,主修視覺藝術,並獲得一級榮譽學位。 為了追求對媒體和行銷方面的興趣,他以優異的成績獲得了香港城市大學傳播與新媒體文學碩士學位。

Luke 小時候本想學鋼琴,但由於家庭貧困,母親帶他去上繪畫班,8歲時他就愛上了藝術創作—一個有著燈籠下巴的可愛小孩。 為了治愈自己,他把可愛的畫送給了鄰居同學,這為他用藝術為人們帶來歡樂的性格奠定了基礎。

Born in 1996, Luke Luk graduated from The Education University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture, majoring in Visual Arts with a First Class Honours. To pursue his interest in media and marketing, he has completed a Master of Arts in Communication and New Media from City University of Hong Kong with Distinction.

When Luke was young, he intended to learn piano but due to the impoverished background of the family, his mother took him to painting classes instead, where he fell in love with creating arts at the age of 8. He also felt lonely when he was a child because of the lantern jaw that he has. As a way to heal himself, he gave away cute paintings to his neighboring classmates, which laid the foundation for his characteristic of using arts to bring joy to people.

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